About The Pet Holiday Finder Team

Thank you for visiting our site Pet Holiday Finder™ The website was founded by Darren back in 2006 when he and his partner realised how difficult it was to find truly dog friendly accommodation. Many properties said they were pet friendly, but in reality they were more like dog tolerant. It also became more apparent that many properties back then only allowed 1 dog and as a multi pet owning household these cottages were just not suitable.

Our pets play an important part of our lives and there was no way we was going to leave them behind.

So Pet Holiday Finder was born. A website that promotes properties that are more than dog friendly.

There is no charge for those wishing to search our website for a pet friendly holiday or doggy day out. We really appreciate your help and support and making this website one of the top sites to visit when looking for a holiday that allows dogs.

All the properties listed here allow dogs, so it does not matter if you are looking for a pet friendly cottage in Cornwall, a dogs welcome Hotel in Scotland, a pets allowed campsite in Dorset or a Bed and Breakfast Dogs allowed in Kent. We have it all, search today and find your perfect holiday that welcomes the whole family. 

We are not an agency, but a website promoting some of the most dog friendly holiday accommodation within the UK. If you own just one holiday property or you are an agency with multiple properties we would love to hear from you.

This website has been created to help connect pet owners with suitable holiday accommodation, we ourselves know how hard it is to find holiday accommodation when owning more than 1 dog.

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